Meet the Lamont’s


We’re the Lamont’s!
Thanks for tuning in and checking out our blog. We are glad you’re here!

We are on the path to a better lifestyle through the ketogenic, low-carb way of eating and have been transitioning our family into a healthier way of living over the past few years. While our blog will be full of inspiration, guidance, and goodness; our true passion is to share our knowledge of lifestyle, health, vitality, and longevity through a more sustainable way of living.

Initially, my husband found the ketogenic diet when his father was diagnosed with cancer. He began researching ways to heal the body and found that cutting out sugar and carbs and sticking to a ketogenic diet can lead to promising health benefits. The more information he found, the more changes we made to our way of living.

Through our quest to follow the ketogenic way of eating we stumbled upon exogenous ketones to help curb cravings, increase energy, burn fat, and avoid the keto flu. Ultimately we desire to impact others by showing them the Keto way of finding a better, optimal version of themselves with incorporating pure therapeutic ketones into the keto lifestyle.

Our approach to the lifestyle is not restrictive, but more of learning to make small changes in our lives to make a huge impact. Many people fail at diets because they feel like they can’t enjoy themselves or have to deprive their lives of everything they love. The only diet you will stick to is one that is sustainable for you.

We are thrilled to show others this way of life. Come along with us on this journey!

~ The Lamont’s ~

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