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Change Your Perspective

Doing a little Christmas present wrapping and chatting about perspective on keto.

Keto is a lifestyle change, not a diet. Make the decision to go for it and don’t look back!


Mindset is everything!
Our secret sauce that makes keto life so much more flexible and enjoyable.
Will Smith hits it outta the park with this motivational video. Self-discipline is the definition of self-love.
How to Become More Disciplined – Identify yourself in a new way and make the standard real!



Top 3 Keto Calculators

keto Calculators (1)

It seems overwhelming sometimes starting on a new journey. Especially when everything you’ve been taught about your macros is seemingly about to be turned upside down. In the end I think you’ll find that the confusion is just noise. Our advice is to keep it simple, start subbing foods out (here is a food substitution list) one by one on your grocery list until you have a healthy keto house.

To help you get started one of the things we get asked the most is how do I know how to calculate my macros on keto? The Keto Family has your back! We scoured the internet to find you the Top 3 Keto Calculators:

  1. Ruled.me/keto-calculator/
  2. Keto Diet App Blog – Calculator
  3. Keto Ankerl- Keto Calculator
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