Keto Thyme Chicken Veggie Soup

We made the perfect chicken veggie soup. This is a game changer!
This recipe can be made in the instant pot or crock pot. The beauty of this soup is the ingredients are optional. If you desire less carbs, omit the tomatoes. If you have room in your carb allotment then keep em’, they add a delicious flavor. Typically our largest meal is dinner, so it was the perfect fit!

While this recipe would be wonderful in a crock pot, it takes much longer for the soup to be ready. With two kiddos and the mad dinner rush, the instant pot is a magical thing. Meals like this can be ready super fast and still taste flavorful.

See how we made it below:



Nutrition Info:
Instant Pot – Keto Thyme Chicken Vegetable Soup w / Ketones, AC-11, Fermented L-Leucine, & Type II Collagen Peptides

8.2 grams of net carbs / serving

Remove Carrots and Tomatoes & net carbs = <2grams/serving

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