⛺Keto Campfire Meal⛺

We recently went camping and wanted to share one of our favorite campfire meals.

Pack some aluminum foil, your favorite seasoning, and change it up if you’d like. This meal definitely had some heat to it. 

I did the prepping🔪 prior to leaving for our trip but I’ve done it at the campsite as well. I pre-chopped a head of cabbage and trimmed up the radishes placing them in a baggy to pack in the cooler.

In the pouches we included:
head of chopped cabbage
uncured kielbasa from Sprouts
half an onion- diced
1 jalapeno- diced
radishes- quartered
4-5 tbsp grass fed butter spread over 3 foil pouches
✅a side of avocado after cooking
topped with shredded cheddar

*for the kiddos I made a separate pouch without jalapeno.
*be sure to double up the foil and flip halfway between cooking

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